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Универзитет у Крагујевцу
Агрономски факултет у Чачку
основан 1978. године



14–15 March 2024, Čačak, Republic of Serbia

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Dear Colleagues,

Our 2nd INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON BIOTECHNOLOGY (29th SYMPOSIUM ON BIOTECHNOLOGY WITH INTERNATIONAL PARTICIPATION) will take place at the Faculty of Agronomy, Čačak, Serbia on 14–15 March 2024. We are sure that the designed model of the Symposium (an international scientific meeting) will enable all interested parties to take part in this scientific event and thus contribute to its continuing tradition. We are convinced that many experts and dear colleagues from abroad will join us.



Thursday, 14 March 2024, 10 a.m.

  • Opening Session (10:00 – 10:45 a.m.) - Amphitheater;

  • Coctail (10:45 – 11:45 a.m.) and Mini Fair "Agriculture and Food for the Future" (10:45 a.m. – 15:45 p.m.) - Classroom No. 34;

  • Invited lecture: “Chemometrics in agri-food business and sustainability”, dr Predrag Putnik, Senior Research Associate, University "Sjever" Koprivnica, Croatia.
    W: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-0342-6114 (12:00 – 12:20 a.m.) - Amphitheater;

  • Scientific Sessions (the hourly rate will be published in the final program of the Symposium):

    1. Field, Vegetable and Forage Crops - Classroom No. 37, first floor
    2. Pomology and Viticulture - Classroom No. 38, first floor
    3. Livestock Production - Classroom No. 31, first floor
    4. Plant Protection, Food Safety and the Environment - Amphitheater;
    5. Food Technology- Congress hall, second floor
    6. Applied Chemistry - Classroom No. 30, first floor
    7. Nutritionism – Amphitheater.
  • Lunch (14:00 – 16:00 p.m.) - Student center restaurant, 50 m from the Faculty

  • 5th Assembly of the Alumni Club - Faculty of Agronomy graduates (16:30 – 17:30 p.m.)

  • Gala dinner (18:30 p.m., Tavern "Car Lazar": https://kafanacarlazar.rs/o-nama)


Friday, 15 March 2024, 10 a.m.

    1. Presentation of the most significant results of the current project of the Institute of Fruit Growing from Čačak on the preservation of autochthonous varieties of plum;

    2. Presentation of the results of the Erasmus+ Project "European Excellence in Dairy Learning - AEDIL dairy CoVE" with panel discussion “Strategic linking: harmonizing education and the needs of the food industry - an example of the dairy sector” (Moderator: Prof Dr. J. Miočinović, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade);

    3. Workshop on "Bilateral and Multilateral International Cooperation: how to achieve more successful applications"(Moderator: Dr Predrag Putnik, University "Sjever" Koprivnica, Croatia).

    4. Promotion of the scientific monograph "Food Health - Design and development of foods with improved functionalityand nutritional properties" (Authors and Reviewers);

    5. Promotion of the new joint study program in the field of IMT studies "Nutritionism and food processing"(Prof. Dr. Vladimir Jakovljević, Dean of the Faculty of Medical Sciences from Kragujevac and Prof. Dr. Vladimir Kurćubić, Vice dean for science and teaching, Faculty of Agronomy in Čačak);

    6. Discussion

    7. Cocktail

    8. Tour of the city center and sights with a tourist guide with a visit to the retail store "Moravski Market" (an oasis of local products from local producers, micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, entrepreneurs and registered agricultural farms from the area of Čačak, Gornji Milanovac and Lučani): https://moravskimarket.rs/

    9. Organized visit to the village of Premeća and the distillery for the production of the best Serbian brandy "Plazinić" https://vocnerakije.rs/


The 2nd International Symposium will include the following sessions:

  1. Field, Vegetable and Forage Crops
  2. Pomology and Viticulture
  3. Livestock Production
  4. Plant Protection, Food Safety and the Environment
  5. Food Technology
  6. Applied Chemistry
  7. Nutritionism



*For all Symposium participants, the Organising Committee negotiated discounted accommodation in Hotel „Beograd“, in the heart of the City.

Discounts at the hotel will be offered to registered participants only.

You book directly at Hotel "Beograd" https://www.hotel-beograd.rs/kontakt/, with the code that we will deliver to you, after receiving your completed REGISTRATION FORM.



Paper title submission deadline:                                           05 February 2024

Full paper submission deadline:                                            20 February 2024

Notification of paper acceptance:                                         29 February 2024

Registration fee payment deadline:                                       10 March 2024

      The deadlines are firm and will not be extended!



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